CP Electronics


Digital Signage

Digital signage and messaging is one of many tools available to market your firms message. Easily create, edit and update your message and broadcast immediately. You can manage a scalable solution to one single display, or multiple displays. Even across distances from each other.

Distributed Video

Enhance your business by filling your space with eye-catching video. Our systems allow its users to spend more time focusing on their business, and less time hassling with complicated controls. From any keypad or station, you can easily control the whole business or, just the room you are in.

Distributed Audio

Our multi-room audio packages allow you to control what plays, over which speakers, in different rooms, from one user-friendly interface. Whether you want to distribute sound to an existing space or into rooms that don't yet have speakers. Or even into a particular office building or presentation space within your business, we have the products and expertise to provide that experience.

Conference Rooms

Enhance your business meeting with a state of the art conference room. We are able to seamlessly integrate the various systems of an automated conference room, from projectors and lighting to video & audio conferencing and overall control of the entire integrated system. We also take into account the time sensitive nature of your project, given your company’s daily operations, and coordinate with other contractors to make the process as smooth as possible.

CP Electronics